My Journey is simply my story, as I remember it, regardless of how inaccurate it may be.  Everyone's journey is different.  I am not, nor have I ever been qualified to give any medical advice.  Please refer to your doctor about what the best course of treatment is for you.

    Real Life Multiple Sclerosis: The Beginning

    Real Life Multiple Sclerosis: The Beginning

    I'm a happy wife, mother of 3, and have lived in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee all of my life.  Growing up on a farm, I have been around animals for as long as I can remember.  My story would not be complete without mentioning my furbabies.  Most have been rescued and have their own amazing stories. 

    Our children don’t remember life before MS, they were ages 1, 2, & 4 when I was diagnosed in 2003.  Like many, that was after a few years of being misdiagnosed with things like fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, and of course the…it’s all in your head, which was the closest anyone got! 

    In 2019, after 28 years in the hair business, I retired due to the difficulties that MS had brought on.  I had no idea what my next chapter would be or where I would place my creative energy.  After trying several avenues, and realizing my hands were limiting my options, I discovered graphic designing and fell in love with what I could do.  My designs are inspired by my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, struggles, and triumphs.

    Sharing my journey, and hearing about other people's journeys, has helped me deal with much of what MS has thrown at me.  With my main source of socialization being taken away when I retired, I started looking for different ways to share and connect.  I turned to social media and MS groups, but I quickly realized that I wanted a platform to call my own.  That is when Real Life MS began to take shape.

    I've coped with most things in my life through faith, hope, and lots of humor!  I hope my designs will put a smile on your face, and my story gives you some type of inspiration as you face your own battles and your own journey.  MS is known as the snowflake disease for a reason.  Our journeys may have some similarities, but no 2 will be alike.  We all must find our own way to cope with this journey that wasn’t our choice. 

    Real Life Multiple Sclerosis

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