Meet Julie & The Staff

Hey! This is Julie & I am so happy you are here!

A Bit About Julie

I'm a happy wife, mother of 3, and have lived in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee all of my life. As of the official diagnosis, I have been an MS Warrior since 2003. As you can see from my staff, I've also been rescued by some pretty awesome furbabies.

In 2019, after 28 years in the hair business, I retired due to the difficulties that MS had brought on. I had no idea what my next chapter would be or where I would place my creative energy. I was also searching for a new way to be financially helpful for my family. After trying several avenues, and realizing my hands were limiting my options, I discovered graphic designing and fell in love with what I could do. My designs are inspired by my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, struggles, and triumphs.

Sharing my journey, and hearing about other people's journeys, has helped me deal with much of what MS has thrown at me. With my main source of socialization being taken away when I retired, I started looking for different ways to share and connect. I turned to social media and MS groups, but I quickly realized that I wanted a platform to call my own. That is when Real Life MS began to take shape.